20 Chart Busters for ZX Spectrum from Beau Jolly (CB2)

20 Chart Busters for ZX Spectrum from Beau Jolly (CB2). 1988 20 game compilation on two tapes that includes the following: Ghostbusters (60% Crash), F.A. Cup Football (64% Crash), Agent X II (56% Crash), Kane (54% Crash), L.A. Swat (26% Crash), Ninja Master (64% Crash), Rasputin (79% Crash), Ollie And Lissa (78% Crash), Ricochet (33% Crash), Zolyx (14% Crash), Way Of The Exploding Fist (92% Crash), Dan Dare (92% Crash), Formula 1 Simulator (7/10 Your Sinclair), Brian Jack’s Superstar Challenge (2/5 Sinclair User), Tau-Ceti (94% Crash), I-Ball (90% Crash), Park Patrol (48% Crash), Thrust (76% Crash), Harvey Headbanger (80% Crash) and War Cars (53% Crash). Complete in double case. Tape 1 has writing on but in otherwise very good condition. Tested and working. £5.00