Workbook by Bob Mould from Virgin America (VUSLP2)

Workbook by Bob Mould from Virgin America (VUSLP2). 1989 US import alternative/folk rock album that includes the following:

A1 Sunspots 2:04

A2 Wishing Well 5:10

A3 Heartbreak A Stranger 5:49

A4 See A Little Light 3:30

A5 Poison Years 5:19

A6 Sinners And Their Repentances 4:02

B1 Brasilia Crossed With Trenton 6:35

B2 Compositions For The Young And Old 4:40

B3 Lonely Afternoon 4:25

B4 Dreaming, I Am 4:14

B5 Whichever Way The Wind Blows 6:23

Album and sleeve are in near mint condition. VUSLP 2 A-1U-1- 1 D TOWNHOUSE DMM/VUSLP 2 B-1U-1- 1 D martix. No inner sleeve. £8.00